Orchard Pruner System

This forklift mount full system includes a highly speced extra heavy duty cutter bar with…

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Seymour Spreaders

Seymour Rural Equipment is an engineering workshop which specialises the manufacture of bulk handling equipment…

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Undervine Sweeper

This rugged and reliable unit is powered by a hydraulic motor and features hard wearing…

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Ledgard Under vine slasher

Available in front mount, rear mount and bolt on the Undervine slasher is the answer…

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Vine shaper

The Ledgard Vine shaper is a specially designed hand held, hydraulic shear unit, Ideal for…

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Heavy Duty Ledgard Bar

The Ledgard Heavy duty cutter bar is rugged and reliable, with the ability to cut…

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Medium Duty Ledgard Bar

The Ledgard medium duty bar has been especially designed for the vineyard market. Its versatility…

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Light Duty Ledgard Bar

A Rugged purpose built cutter bar for summer tipping of both vine and table grapes.…

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